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12 Foot Craps Part 2

I started on the two long pieces. The front and the back. They were going to be 10′ 4 inches long. My boards are 8′ long. I doubled them up, but staggered the spliced area. This worked out well. Then I cut the sides down with a circular saw. I would later rip them to a perfect height on the table saw.

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New Guitar Stand

I decided 4 guitar stands was taking up too much room in my already small music shed. I looked around on the internet and couldn’t find a stand reasonably priced. I did find some how to articles about making your own. I decided to tweak some I found, and create my own multi guitar stand. I had some spare 2×4’s and some leftover carpet.

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Craps table rebuild

I’ve started rebuilding my craps table after my house was destroyed in a fire, December 21, 2012.

Lets call it the Phoenix table, rising from the ashes! Actually, it was in the only room in the basement with a closed door, so all it got was smoke and water damage. I stored it in my son’s garage until last week. I have since bought a new house (new to me) on 10 acres with a huge outbuilding. A perfect place to rebuild the table!

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How to Build a Craps Table Part 10

I decided the white rope light around the inside was kind of blinding when the room lights are down.

A curtain of small trim around the perimeter might work to allow the light to go down only, and not in your eyes.

I soaked some short trim pieces in water for a couple days, and then tried to bend them. Didn’t work.
So I kerf cut the backside of them and they curved nicely.

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