How to build a Craps Table Part 4

Posted August 12, 2012

I got all the routing done! Here is the pile of sawdust.

I got to the last pass through the router, and the router quit! I opened it up and found the connection to one of the motor brushes broke. I managed to fix that and got it working again. Now I notice the speed control dial on one of the router handles keeps reverting back to the lowest speed. The vibration is causing this. Oh well, I just wanna get this routing done. I hold the speed dial up with one hand, and push the wood through with the other.
A few of the pieces have a knot in them that ends up being a hole in the bottom. A few others had some breakout at the end. If I had a better setup it would have come out better. This is my first experience with routing.
I can always replace these chip trays as needed later. That’s the nice thing about them being separate pieces.
Now to attach all the finished chip trays to the rail.
I start sizing up the padded railing outside the chip trays, and decide the 2 inches of width just isn’t going to be enough. Also, if I use 1″ foam, the height of the padding will be low compared to the chip trays.
I decide to make extensions to extend the padded rail width.
This works out great. Now to get some foam and vinyl.
I found some great looking gray at Hancock’s on the $5/yard table. The scrap is 3.5 yards. Just what I need.
I got some foam at the Yard Store, a surplus store here in Wichita.
Here we go with the foam.
I glued the foam down with spray glue.
Then I unscrewed all the chip trays, and layed out the vinyl. Then put the chip trays back.
I figured out that I had too much foam on there and trimmed it back to where it just went over the outside edge.
Then I started stapling and cutting the vinyl. This is a pain getting as many wrinkles out as possible.

Padded rail in place.

Now to re-do the bottom and legs.

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