How to build a Craps Table Part 7

Posted August 16, 2012

I really want to get this thing done. I am getting close.

I set the table back on the base, with the help from my 16 year old son.  It doesn’t look too bad.

Now, to add the end extensions to the layout.

I got an idea today while at Walmart. What about a glue stick? That stuff might work.

I did a test with some of that bright green felt and a piece of scrap plywood. It worked great!

I’m gonna just go with the old layout, upside down on the ends. It doesn’t quite match, but maybe the new one will fade to match. If not, the glue will allow me to pull it up and replace later.

Here we go with the glue stick.

I put some paper under the folded back felt, so I wouldn’t get any glue on the top.

It came out pretty good.

I couldn’t resist, and placed the diamond backs in there, to size things up.


Now I’ve just gotta trim the outside of the extensions to match the box.


Posted on August 16th, 2012 by Clayton

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