How to build a Craps Table Part 5

Posted August 14, 2012

I started on the base/bottom of the table yesterday.

I took the whole top section and set it aside.

I removed the sides and legs and sized up the parts left over.

I removed the extension piece I had added on the last upgrade, as it was a piece of 1/2″ OSB mating up to 3/4″ for the main table. I had purchase a piece of 3/4″ a couple weeks ago and it was time to put it to use.

I used a couple of 4 foot 2×4’s underneath the main table and screwed the new section on.

I pieced together some of the legs and 2×4 lumber into a basic frame. I decided to re-use the blue board that I had as a shelf under the table, between the back legs. This shelf gives you somewhere to store extra chips and trays and all the stuff you need. It also added some support to the free standing legs. It also gave me a pre-set dimension for length to start with.

Here is the free standing structure for the base. Notice the top behind it with the 2×4’s and extension piece.

I know, it looks pretty shaky doesn’t it? By the time I add some braces, it will be solid.
I set the board on the base and cut the round corners on the board.
Then I got to bracing up the base. I still wasn’t sold on the size of it yet. I figured if I could make it solid, then I would keep it that size.
I put a cross brace for each direction on. I also tightened up and added more screws. It became solid.
I discover the extension isn’t flush with the rest of the table. The wood isn’t exactly the same thickness. Imagine that!
I pull it up and add some of my left over vinyl as a filler. I also add some more 2×4’s at the seam. This works out perfect. If you look under the table, you can see the vinyl, but who does that? I can trim it up later.
Here is where I am now. I’m thinking I should get some 1/4″ plywood and put it on top so you don’t see that butt ugly OSB ¬†for a drink rail. I plan on staining everything when done.

Posted on August 14th, 2012 by Clayton

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