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Easter 2012 – A Beautiful Day

It’s been a while since I last posted. I think it’s about time to put something fun up on the web site. Here it is! Easter this year brought the whole bunch, excluding JoDee and Dad. We did the usual Easter egg hunt, both inside and out. We ate some lunch, played some games. We had great weather! A good time all around.

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Christmas 2009

Here are several days worth of pictures. We had Christmas with Steven and Chandler on Wednesday, Penny, Clayton and Jeffrey on Christmas morning, Chris and Steven and Brandy, that afternoon. Then Christmas with the whole family at Grandma and Grandpa Van Campen’s house on Sunday.

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Halloween Party 2009

Clayton and Penny went to our friends’ Daryl and Jen’s Halloween Party this year. We were glad to have been invited this year after hearing so much about it from Gayle and Darlene. We had a great time! Clayton went as Slash, and Penny was a zombie nurse!

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4th of July!

We took the camper to the Brown’s mom and stepdad’s house at Beaver Lake and set up in the neighbor’s driveway. We had a great time swimming, boating, tubeing and visiting. We went on a journey about 20 minutes in the boat to see some fireworks on the 4th. Shot some BBguns and spent some time relaxing. Of cource the kids set off some fireworks of their own and nobody got hurt. A complete success!
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