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Lake Afton again!

We went to Lake Afton again. This time Clayton’s band, Shagdaddy had a gig at a wedding reception. The reception was in a pavilion at Lake Afton. Louis, our lead singer is a friend of the groom. We camped at a site within a hundred yards or so away from the pavilion. Clayton went to play the gig from 6 to 9 on Saturday, but that didn’t cut into our camping fun too much!

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A weekend with friends.

Clayton and Penny spend the weekend at Lake Afton with Gayle and Darlene. We all stay in the pop-up trailer and Gayle and Darlend did most of the cooking. Even thought the weather was cold and windy on Saturday, we all really enjoyed relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Besides, Sunday the weather was beautiful! We celebrated Penny’s birthday as well.Penny decided a while back that this was how she wanted to spend her birthday, and she got her wish.

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4th of July!

We took the camper to the Brown’s mom and stepdad’s house at Beaver Lake and set up in the neighbor’s driveway. We had a great time swimming, boating, tubeing and visiting. We went on a journey about 20 minutes in the boat to see some fireworks on the 4th. Shot some BBguns and spent some time relaxing. Of cource the kids set off some fireworks of their own and nobody got hurt. A complete success!
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