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Lake Afton in July

At the last minute on Friday night, we decided to go to Lake Afton for the weekend. It took about 40 minutes to get the camper and truck ready, and Jeff and Clayton were on the road. Penny followed a little later with the rest of the ‘in progress’ laundry.
It was a nice relaxing weekend. We spent a lot of time fishing, but Penny is the only one to actually catch something. It wasn’t for lack of trying.

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Beaver Lake – Table Rock

We spent a week in the Ozarks with Gayle and Darlene, and had a great time. We started at Tom and Louis’ Mother’s house in Garfield, AK. on Beaver Lake. She has a nice house and dock and a boat as well. We camped in her front yard with Gayle and Darlene. We did some chores for her while we were there, later got some boating and swimming in. We stayed two nights and had great cool weather while there. Video at the end of post.

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