12 Foot Craps Part 2

Posted April 17, 2015

I started on the two long pieces. The front and the back. They were going to be 10′ 4 inches long. My boards are 8′ long. I doubled them up, but staggered the spliced area. This worked out well. Then I cut the sides down with a circular saw. I would later rip them to a perfect height on the table saw.



Then I cut the ends, and the corners. I beveled the corner pieces 45 degrees. I didn’t double them up, as the support really wasn’t needed there, and the inside won’t show anyway. The diamond ends would cover that up.

This was where the Sketchup drawing really helped. I was able to know exactly how wide to make the corners, to make the whole thing fit on the table with 3 inches all the way around the perimeter of the box.


I toescrewed the corners in and…. I have the box put together!




Posted on April 17th, 2015 by Clayton

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