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House Fire

I lost my house to a fire on 12/21/12 Friday. It’s pretty bad.
Everyone got out ok. My son was home alone and noticed it in time to get out and call 911. Pretty proud of him.

The craps table actually is one of the few items that made it, sort of. I will have to clean it up and it will smell like smoke for a while. That is the least of my worries.
I am staying in a one bedroom suite with a kitchenette until we move to a rental house next week.
I am planning to rebuild the house.
My insurance is taking good care of me so far.

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Penny adopts a new dog

Penny adopted her a nice new dog. Jax is a Siberian Husky. All white with blue eyes. He was at the Humane Society where Penny has been volunteering .  She really likes him and he is a hit with the rest of the family also. He is 1 year old, so there is still a lot of puppy in him.

There are a few pics and a short video in the rest of the story.

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Christmas 2009

Here are several days worth of pictures. We had Christmas with Steven and Chandler on Wednesday, Penny, Clayton and Jeffrey on Christmas morning, Chris and Steven and Brandy, that afternoon. Then Christmas with the whole family at Grandma and Grandpa Van Campen’s house on Sunday.

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Birthday at the gig

Penny planned to have a celebration of Clayton’s 50th birthday at the gig on the 19th at Bourbon St. Bar & Grill. I was totally unaware of this plan. They caught me by complete surprise! It was fun. She brought out a cake in the afternoon and revealed it during our first break. Awesome.

She invited several friends out just for the party. It’s nice to know I have so many friends.

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