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Clayton takes a trip to California

Last week, I was sent to Tustin California for a business trip. I went to Rockwell/Collins to learn about their ‘Venue’ in flight entertainment system. One other employee from the San Antonio Service Center was sent. We had a two person class. It was very informative. A great bunch of people there. They made me feel welcome.
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Camping in Council Grove

We haven’t been here before. This was a new experience. We went camping at Council Grove Lake just north of Council Grove Kansas. This was a great campground, with concrete sites and coverd picnic tables. Electricity and water, and right on the lake. We went with our friends, Daryl and Jen and their family. Penny and I were kidless this time. Jeff didn’t want to go.

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A summer visit to St. Louis

Clayton and Jeff visited Mom and Dad in August. We had a truly wonderful time! We saw a Cardinals game in the new stadium. We went fishing at Creve Coeur Lake, and even caught some fish. Clayton did an upgrade to Mom’s computer as well. We spend several days visiting and playing cards too. All in all, a great visit. Thank you Mom and Dad!

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Beaver Lake – Table Rock

We spent a week in the Ozarks with Gayle and Darlene, and had a great time. We started at Tom and Louis’ Mother’s house in Garfield, AK. on Beaver Lake. She has a nice house and dock and a boat as well. We camped in her front yard with Gayle and Darlene. We did some chores for her while we were there, later got some boating and swimming in. We stayed two nights and had great cool weather while there. Video at the end of post.

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Mid June at Lake Afton

Here we go again. It seems like we always go to Afton. Oh well. At least it’s camping.
This time Gayle and Darlene came out, and used their camper. Gayle’s friends Daryl and Jen also came out and camped in their hybrid travel trailer. We had a great time, and caught some fish. We did some swimming and enjoyed ourselves as usual.

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Cruise 2008!

We went on a great cruise this year. This time we went with another couple, Gayle and Darlene Mullin. No kids this time. We drove to Galveston and cruised on the Voyager of the Seas. We saw the ports of Cozumel, Roatan, and Costa Maya. The weather was great the whole time. Nobody got sunburned although Penny and Gayle got a few insect bites.

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Lake Afton again!

We went to Lake Afton again. This time Clayton’s band, Shagdaddy had a gig at a wedding reception. The reception was in a pavilion at Lake Afton. Louis, our lead singer is a friend of the groom. We camped at a site within a hundred yards or so away from the pavilion. Clayton went to play the gig from 6 to 9 on Saturday, but that didn’t cut into our camping fun too much!

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