12 Foot Craps Part 16

Posted July 23, 2015

I got some more green diamond ends and cut them to height. I ended up just putting a few screws in them, in the valleys of the diamonds. It won’t affect the dice at all. You really can’t see them.

I took some flash pictures with my Canon camera, and the screws show up in the picture. You really don’t see them in the normal light.








Then, my son asked me the other day, if I wanted some free carpet squares. His school is changing them out and going to get rid of them. Score!

I started laying them out yesterday. I think this will work much better than bare concrete. If they get water damaged or whatever, I can just slip another square in it’s place. I got enough to do around the table, and still have a lot left. I’ll do some more today. Check it out.



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