Network Discovery problems on Windows 10 after update

Posted June 10, 2020

I’ve been having trouble getting my computer to show up on my network lately. It seems to be after the 1803 update, but I’m not sure.

See my newer post about this. You may not need to go through all this trouble.

They did away with the Homegroup thing, which always seemed to solve my network problems after joining the Homegroup. Now, that option is gone.

After googleing this problem, I tried all the usual things, like:

Network discovery option is on in advanced networking options. Duh, who wouldn’t try that.
Lots of services are on. More on that in a minute.
You have something shared, and security set properly for the share.

All of that didn’t fix the problem.

I finally found a workaround:

If you restart the service:
Function Discovery Resource Publication

You will show up on the network.

Even though I set the service to automatic, and verified it is running, you have to restart it after logging in.

I created a batch file that restarts this service, and runs with the task scheduler ‘after login’. You have to run with Admin privileges.

After re-booting the computer, this works. It seems to stay working as long as the computer is on.

This is far from a good fix, but it works.

Here is link to the batch file.   Service_restart.bat

Add a task schedule for it:

Start -> search for taskscheduler and run taskscheduler
Action->Create Task


Give it a name. Run whether logged in or not. Run with highest privileges.

Triggers tab.
New..  Begin the task. At logon.

Actions Tab.
New.  Browse for the batch file.

Press OK.
You will be propted for your password.

That’s it. Now when you boot computer, you will show up on the network.


Posted on June 10th, 2020 by Clayton

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