First Camping trip of 2010

Posted March 11, 2010

We finally got a descent weekend and ventured out to Lake Afton.

We de-winterized the trailer Thursday after setting up in the driveway. Everything is in working order.

The lake was a little windy out of the southeast, but we set the trailer up as a wind break. We enjoyed ourselves with the company of Chandler and Jeffrey on Friday night and Saturday until 3:30 or so in the afternoon. Then it was just Clayton and Penny.

Sunday we packed it up as the wind shifted. We put the trailer back in the garage until the weather stays nice.


Posted on March 11th, 2010 by Clayton

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One Comment

  • Sally Felt says:

    Way to go! Keep taking photos in the same spots/perspective, and at the end of camping season ’10, you can do a time lapse that brings out leaves and green grass, while jackets and socks disappear. Or, you know, just enjoy yourselves.

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