Week of July 5th at Council Grove

Posted July 12, 2011

By now I guess you’ve figured out that we like the camping at Council Grove. This week was no exception. The bridge in the thumbnail picture is in the center of the northeast area of the lake. It must have been there a while, as there are no roads on either side of the lake.

Penny and Clayton went out on Tuesday around 4pm. Jenn and the girls arrived a couple hours later. Daryl came out Wednesday night. Jeff, Matt, Corey, and Mike came out on Friday afternoon.

We spent the week swimming, fishing, checking out the town, riding jet skis, playing horse shoes, baseball, and just hanging out with friends.

Clayton and Daryl caught some fish but I failed to get any pictures of them.

It was hot when we arrived on Tuesday, but rained Tuesday night and Wednesday night and cooled it down nicely. Then Sunday the heat returned. We left Sunday around noon and I’m glad we did. Wichita broke the record for that day at 111 degrees!

Here are a few of the pictures.

There is some video at the bottom of this post also.

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