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House Demo

Posted April 16, 2013
If you didn’t see on ‘My Craps Table Build‘  thread, I lost my house to a fire in December 2012. Actually on 12/21/12, the end of the Mayan Calendar.
I thought you might like to see the pictures of the  demo of the house.
I sold the house ‘as is’ to a builder, and he demo’d it Thursday and Friday. In two days it was done.
This is kind of a before/after pic set.
Here is the fire/before pictures, just a few.
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Craps Table Rebuild Part 2

Posted April 8, 2013
I’m going to make the padded rail detachable from the railing under it. In order to do this, I need to insert some flush mount nutplates and use machine screws from below. Before I do that, the padded rail will need to be a solid piece all the way around. Right now it is several pieces screwed to the railing under it.
I spent the last few days building little splices of wood to connect the padded rail wood.
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Craps table rebuild

Posted April 2, 2013

I’ve started rebuilding my craps table after my house was destroyed in a fire, December 21, 2012.

Lets call it the Phoenix table, rising from the ashes! Actually, it was in the only room in the basement with a closed door, so all it got was smoke and water damage. I stored it in my son’s garage until last week. I have since bought a new house (new to me) on 10 acres with a huge outbuilding. A perfect place to rebuild the table!

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House Fire

Posted December 28, 2012

I lost my house to a fire on 12/21/12 Friday. It’s pretty bad.
Everyone got out ok. My son was home alone and noticed it in time to get out and call 911. Pretty proud of him.

The craps table actually is one of the few items that made it, sort of. I will have to clean it up and it will smell like smoke for a while. That is the least of my worries.
I am staying in a one bedroom suite with a kitchenette until we move to a rental house next week.
I am planning to rebuild the house.
My insurance is taking good care of me so far.

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How to Build a Craps Table Part 10

Posted December 13, 2012

I decided the white rope light around the inside was kind of blinding when the room lights are down.

A curtain of small trim around the perimeter might work to allow the light to go down only, and not in your eyes.

I soaked some short trim pieces in water for a couple days, and then tried to bend them. Didn’t work.
So I kerf cut the backside of them and they curved nicely.

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Clayton takes a trip to California

Posted November 19, 2012
Last week, I was sent to Tustin California for a business trip. I went to Rockwell/Collins to learn about their ‘Venue’ in flight entertainment system. One other employee from the San Antonio Service Center was sent. We had a two person class. It was very informative. A great bunch of people there. They made me feel welcome.
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