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Another Trip to Lake Afton

Posted June 6, 2007

Camping at Lake Afton The family spent a couple of nights camping at Lake Afton, just west of Wichita. We took Jeffrey and his frinds Timmy and Devon. They had a great time swimming and fishing. Jeffrey caught his first fish! Penny caught her first fish! Everyone caught at least one fish.It rained on the second night but we faired ok and packed it up wet and dried it out at home later.

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A very old gig

Posted February 27, 2000

Here is some really old video I dug up. My first gig! At the Cripple Chicken in 1991. Wow, that was a long time ago.

Also, a jam at Clayton’s house that restarted it all.

Read the rest of the story for the videos.

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