New vehicles all the way around!

Posted January 23, 2009

Clayton and Penny get new cars. Wow we didn’t expect to do that.
We went to Lubbers in Cheney, Ks. last Saturday to ‘look’ around for something to replace the van with. Something small but not too low to the ground. We found this 2006 Ford Escape and really liked it. We made the deal on that and told me I should refinance my truck at a lower rate. I told them I was interested in trading it in. The rest is history.
We came home Saturday with two vehicles. I took the old truck to them on Monday and finished the deal. They are making great deals right now, is all I can say.

The Escape has a V6 front wheel drive and is really zippy. She has named it Miss Muffett.

The truck has 4 full size doors and a real back seat. Jeffrey loves the leg room in the back. It is a 2004 Ford F150 4 wheel drive crew cab. My payment went down $100/ month for a newer bigger truck. Can’t beat that.

Check the rest of the story for some pictures.

Penny’s Escape

Penny's new Escape

Clayton’s F150 4×4

Posted on January 23rd, 2009 by Clayton

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