How to build a Craps Table Part 3

Posted August 9, 2012

The table gets some new accesories. This is getting exciting!

One of the guys I play with moved out of town for 18 months to get his A&P license. Good for him!

This put our play on hold for a while. I decide to give the table the face lift it really needs during our down time.


Rounded corners! This is the hardest part of any craps table. How am I going to pull that off?

I decide to try a test with a 2×12 and do the kerf cut to see if it will bend.

It doesn’t work as well as I thought it might.

I decide the heck with the rounded corners. I saw a table on craigslist that looked interesting. It had beveled/angled corners. I decided that might be easier. By the time the new chip rails (another idea) were added, and the diamond back was in, you won’t even notice the corners aren’t rounded.

Now to cut the top panel to hold the chip rail.




With this idea, I don’t need the extra 2×4 on top of the 2×12’s. The table is looking pretty good!

Chip rails:
I personally don’t want a section on the front side for the stickman to stand. I would rather have room there for chip rails all the way across the front of the table. I usually end up being the only dealer at the table. I run stick and payouts. We let everyone place their own place bets. No need for a stickman section.

I bought a Core Box #8727 1-5/8″ diam 1/2″ Shank #8727 from

This is a 1/2″ shank router bit. My router is only 1/4″ shank. I guess I need a new router! I order one of those from ebay. I found a new one cheap.
I made my own router table top and clamped it in my workmate workbench. Now to test it out!
I measure everything out and determine the rail needs to be 4″ wide to hold 2 chip rows. The depth of 1 1/2″ is perfect. Unfortunately, your normal 2×4 is only 31/2 inches wide. I buy some 2×6 lumber and rip it to 4″ wide.
It took a lot of passes, extending the bit a little each time. But it came out great!

Those corners are going to be a problem. I cut the corner chip rail pieces out of 2×6 lumber. I found a post someone else did on building a craps table. They solved the corner routing issue by using the left over piece after cutting the corner, as a guide on the router table. Brilliant! Here is a link to that post

Here is the router table setup.

Here is the finished product.

I’ve now cut all the pieces. Between each piece will be a 1/4″ thick divider. I found them pre-cut in 3 foot pieces at home depot.

Now it is time for some major routing! I am going to make a huge sawdust pile.

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