How I built a cheap above ground pool deck

Posted November 20, 2016

I thought I would show how it is possible to build a cheap, but sturdy pool deck.

I will never have enough money to buy all the materials for a full size pool deck. It occurred to me that it is possible to build it in sections. I decided to start with a 4×8 foot section. I could then add to it as I got a little extra money.

That first 4×8 section was about $200 in wood, screws and concrete.

Then I could add another 4×8 section, and some stairs, for about $120.

I screwed the frame together and placed it on the ground. I marked where the 4×4 posts would go with paint on the ground.



I dug the holes with a borrowed power auger.


I put a few inches of concrete mix in the bottom of the six holes. I added some water and mixed it in the hole. I let the concrete setup overnight.

After that it was a matter of screwing everything together. I had to cut the top boards to fit around the pool. After screwing all the top boards to the frame, I cut them to length.






A few months later, I added another 4×8 section. I also added some stairs.





My next task will be to add some railings.

Not bad for about $320 so far.

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