12 Foot Craps Part 11

Posted May 26, 2015

Over the last 2 weeks I finally got going on those corner chip rails. I’m finally done with the corners.


I added a piece of 2×4 with some slots cut in it to hold my curved fence on the router steady.  I later had to cut the slots into the curve, to get the right spacing. The 4th corner was probably the best one. I finally got everything figured out by then.


I put some marks on the router base, to reference each time I raised the router for another pass. A total of 11 passes for each groove.

Now its time to start on the straight pieces. Unfortunately, the dimensions that would define the width of these varied from one end to the other.

I cut a piece of 2×6 down to a little over 4″ width and cut to length, and set it on there. Then drew a line underneath at the inside edge of the railing.



I then had to cut the board to actual width on that line. I made a sled for the table saw that would let me cut an odd angle (along my drawn line) by clamping it on the top of the sled.


After that cut, it was back to the router. These straight pieces are a little easier to route out.

Notice the “Bottom” written on there. After messing up one of the corners and routing the wrong side, I marked them all. Duh!

After the routing. Not too bad.


Now to cut it into 3 equal pieces and add some blocks between them.


After doing the other straight pieces on this table end.





Now to do the same to the other end!

Posted on May 26th, 2015 by Clayton

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One Comment

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